Aprilmartin Designs

Educated at UC Davis, Ralph Lauren and Silicon Valley, April has truly found her calling in life–Making women feel great.  “Beauty is important, because it’s something you feel inside. If a woman can put on a piece of jewelry and dash out of her house feeling pretty and confident, then I’ve done my job.”

Her high-tech career honed her managing skills and her attention to detail, but her time selling and merchandising product at Ralph Lauren was the real education. Her stint at RL, meant to be a source of income during post-graduate work, became an invaluable education. Mixing patterns, watching the creative team change entire rooms and the art of marketing were soaked up like a sponge.

Today, she uses that education every day.  “I like to learn something every single day, and what I do learn again and again is that ALL women are beautiful.  I like to bring that out in every single lady.  It’s touching and gratifying to watch a woman transform and smile about it quietly to herself.”

April thrives in the Napa Valley where she cooks, creates and gives back to her community.

Welcome to her world!